About us

The Fairy Lights Factory has been spreading dreams, love and fairy magic for over 4 years and prides itself on helping to keep the world exquisite / bright and wonderful with our fairy lights.

All the products you see here are intended to shine incandescently the spirit of love.

Our ‘Natural Leaf and Roses’ lights are delicately handcrafted with leaves from the hardy rubber tree plant. The rubber tree is one of Thailand’s most important economic plants, primarily used for extracting natural rubber. The green leaves from the rubber trees are collected, processed and dyed naturally, leaving them beautifully translucent and finished in vivid colours. No tree needs to be cut. Then each leaf is handcrafted into beautiful flower blooms.

Enjoy the romantic glow around window, mirror or just about anywhere you like to relax and enjoy a cosy atmosphere.

Contact information

The Fairy Lights Factory Ltd
79 College Road
Harrow, Middlesex

Email:   info@thefairylightsfactory.co.uk

Telephone:  +44 (0) 74 704 05847

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